Real-Time Premium Leads:

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Ordering this option will NOT allow you to pause leads. Leads will assign as generated in Real-Time. ( Recommended only for seasoned sales reps )  ($9.95/lead) Priority Delivery

ALL leads that have selected "YES" confirming they are 18+ y/o with a credit card or bank account.

You should contact your leads ASAP! Although leads are exclusive, that does not exclude the possibility of prospects also filling out one of our competitor's forms. To increase your probability of closing a sale, call your leads AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.


  You can mix licensed states with non-licensed states

We do our best to produce the highest quality leads available but there is still a chance for a bad lead to slip through. All membership lead orders come standard with a 15% overage to make up for any bad leads.

Select Non-Licensed States:

Select Licensed States:

Note: Please do not change ANY email addresses during check-out!


WAIT! Did you know?

10 Leads = 1 Lead Free
20 Leads = 3 Leads Free


To qualify for FREE leads simply follow these 4 easy steps:

1. You MUST refer a NEW customer who has NOT yet order Membership Leads from Pro Legal Leads.

2. You MUST have your new referral register FREE at

3. You MUST have your new referral enter the email address YOU use (your email) to log into In the box that says "Referral Code* on the registration page in order to qualify. This is how we will keep track of your personal referrals. (Yes, even if you already have a referral code set up with us :)

4. Your new referral must order a minimum of 20 Membership Leads

5. After your new referral orders leads, we will need you to contact us directly to let us know which type of leads you would like. I.E., 5 Legal Leads or 25 recruiting Leads.

*This program began on July 18th 2013 and is good until further notice and is subject to change at anytime without prior notice.